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Load Bearing Beams

Jan 26, 2018

Back before Johnny Depp sucked, he starred in a movie called Blow (2001), the story of a mediocre, uninteresting drug dealer who can do no wrong... until he can do no right! Does this film pack the emotional punch for adult Laci that it did for teen Laci? 

Then, LBB examines Zack Snyder's Watchmen (2009), a bloated,...

Jan 19, 2018

A listener suggested The Lost Boys (1987), and LBB watches and reviews it. This movie is kind of delightful and, according to Laci, is a thorough and unrelenting look at the destructiveness of heroin addiction. Matt dislikes Haim, likes Feldman.

ALSO: We debut our new recurring feature, the Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse,...

Jan 12, 2018

LBB is back for a new year! First up: It's the first X-Files movie: The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998). Matt loved this television show as a teenager and, by proxy, loved this movie. What does Laci think, having never seen it and being only minimally familiar with the TV series? Also: Much discussion about TV shows...