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Load Bearing Beams

May 25, 2018

Due to a family emergency, Laci and Matt weren't able to record a new episode this week, so instead we present seventeen short clips from the podcast that are just plum terrific. They are:

"John Williams Loves a Buffet" (from Hook)

"Is Jim Carrey Funny?" (from The Grinch)

"Shouldn't Young Doc Brown Recognize His Future...

May 21, 2018

We lost most of this episode, but we salvaged a debate about whether or not the Foo Fighters are good and included a 20-minute bonus review of Avengers: Infinity War and Matt's thoughts on the weirdness of how voice-over narration is used in the 1996 film Matilda.


Time stamps:

Foo Fighters [09:20]

Avengers: Infinity...

May 11, 2018

Friend Of The Show Caleb Hogan joins the show live in studio to discuss his Listener Choice (because he's a Listener as well!) movie: 2006's Nacho Libre.

Jack Black plays Ignacio, a friar in rural southwestern Mexico who longs to be a luchador. But that makes this movie sound much more conventional than what it is,...

May 4, 2018

In an episode Laci calls "A City Of Their Own" and Matt calls "A Light Of Their Cities," the Dangerous Dyad discuss 1992's baseball picture A League Of Their Own and 1931's alienation picture City Lights.

A League Of Their Own starts right off with the annoying wrap-around modern story that then flashes back to...