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Load Bearing Beams

Jan 12, 2018

LBB is back for a new year! First up: It's the first X-Files movie: The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998). Matt loved this television show as a teenager and, by proxy, loved this movie. What does Laci think, having never seen it and being only minimally familiar with the TV series? Also: Much discussion about TV shows turned into movies.

Then, Laci reexamines The Boondock Saints (1999), a movie about which she says, "It's something that I loved a lot and very intensely for about four years, because I thought it meant I was a certain kind of cool girl who, just, you know, got it." But how does it hold up now, and what did Matt think, after having preexisting prejudices against this movie despite never having seen it?


Time stamps:


The X-Files: Fight the Future: 05:46


The Boondock Saints: 34:01



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