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Load Bearing Beams

Oct 6, 2017

As an October hurricane heads for their house, Laci and Matt turn their attention to Napoleon Dynamite (2004) and Blade Runner (1982), a set of movies about inscrutable men and the women who can't help but love them. 

First, Laci and Matt tackle Napoleon Dynamite [03:10], a movie about which Laci no longer knows how she feels, but which Matt calls "not unenjoyable." But does this collection of awkward quirks ultimately amount to something more than Mad Libs: The Movie? And is the secret to this film's enduring legacy merely that Napoleon's voice is easy to impersonate? 

Then there's Blade Runner [23:27], a film utterly ruined for Laci by how much better its subject was handled in Westworld. This movie inspires one of this podcast's most heated arguments: Is Harrison Ford intentionally playing against type in Blade Runner, or is it exactly his type?