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Load Bearing Beams

Jul 13, 2017

LBB welcomes its first guests: romantically entangled young power couple Sam Hall and Wade Hymel. Sam and Wade join Matt and Laci to discuss their own load-bearing beam movies.

Sam's selection is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) [02:13]. But even though she is the guest, Matt seizes the pulpit to go on at length about the Harry Potter books—despite this being a podcast about movies. The gang muddles through Matt's gasbaggery to get to the bottom of whether or not Prisoner of Azkaban makes any sense to non-book readers, debate whether or not Hermione's academic career is tainted by her use of the Time Turner, and spend a surprising amount of time wondering whether or not that's really Gary Oldman (It is.).

Then Wade brings forth his film, 1995's post-Cold War James Bond spy satellite electrokillray thriller GoldenEye [49:18]. And what is the deal with Pierce Brosnan, anyway? How important was the Nintendo 64 game to the legacy of this movie? Those topics and more—namely, Epcot rides and Spider-Man actors—are addressed in this supersized episode.