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Load Bearing Beams

May 12, 2017

In the debut episode, Laci and Matt discuss the concept of load-bearing-beam movies, and then do a deep dive into their first selections. Matt chooses "Star Wars" (1977) [4:22] and Laci chooses "Dirty Dancing" (1987) [52:50]. Many important issues are tackled, including why the original "Star Wars" movie should only be referred to as "Star Wars"; how the Kellerman Resort is basically a summer camp and Patrick Swayze is a counselor; whether or not Mark Hamill is a good actor; why Baby would be allowed to dance at the Sheldrake; why Luke Skywalker seems untroubled by his family being brutally murdered; and how Patrick Swayze traveled back in time from the 1980s to ruin pop music. Will the Death Star destroy the Rebel Alliance? Will Johnny get his summer bonus? Laci and Matt get to the bottom of these questions and many more.