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Load Bearing Beams

May 25, 2018

Due to a family emergency, Laci and Matt weren't able to record a new episode this week, so instead we present seventeen short clips from the podcast that are just plum terrific. They are:

"John Williams Loves a Buffet" (from Hook)

"Is Jim Carrey Funny?" (from The Grinch)

"Shouldn't Young Doc Brown Recognize His Future Self?" (from Back to the Future Part II)

"Farting Your Dinner" (from Nacho Libre)

"Matt hates The Goonies" (from The Goonies)

"We're not impressed with Vada's poem at the end of My Girl" (from My Girl)

"Matt was miserable on his senior trip to Disney World" (from Welcome to the Dollhouse)

"We hate crooners!" (from The Grinch)

"What is fliffity floo?" (from Beetlejuice)

"Did Rocky drink raw eggs just to save time?" (from Rocky)

"The Lost Boys is actually about heroin addiction" (from The Lost Boys)

"Laci loves vampires" (from Interview With the Vampire)

"Laci thinks Matt lies about liking old movies" (from Duck Soup)

"Remember record stores?" (from Empire Records)

"Why are people scared of clowns?" (from It)

"The Goonies save their homes with an envelope of rubies?" (from The Goonies)

"Matt feuded with his junior high science teacher" (from The Bucket List