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Load Bearing Beams

Jul 10, 2018

After a month away, Load Bearing Beams returns to talk 'hood... parenthood, that is! Ron Howard's 1989 feature warmed audiences' hearts everywhere, but how does it hold up today?

Then Laci and Matt give real talk about child rearing, pregnancy, and the perpetual exhaustion that comes with being a parent, as well as the movies and TV shows that accurately show all of this.

Finally, they discuss Terms Of Endearment, James L. Brooks's 1983 Oscar-winning classic about mothers, daughters, and children of all ages. Laci and Matt agree that it executes everything Parenthood is going for about 10,000 times better. 


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Time stamps:

Parenthood: 10:22

Movies about parenting and pregnancy: 39:27

Terms Of Endearment: 57:07