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Load Bearing Beams

May 4, 2018

In an episode Laci calls "A City Of Their Own" and Matt calls "A Light Of Their Cities," the Dangerous Dyad discuss 1992's baseball picture A League Of Their Own and 1931's alienation picture City Lights.

A League Of Their Own starts right off with the annoying wrap-around modern story that then flashes back to the action you bought your ticket for. Why do so many movies do this? Does League overcome this tiresome trope? 

Then, City Lights is for many people a gateway drug into silent films in general and silent comedy in particular. It's Charlie Chaplin's tale of an outcast, shunned by society, finding love and connection in some surprising places. Laughter, and a few tears, ensue! Or do they?? What did Laci think watching her very first silent film? 

Time stamps:
A League Of Their Own: 08:00
City Lights: 31:32

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