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Load Bearing Beams

Feb 16, 2018

Jumanji Fever is sweeping America—nay, the world—and Load Bearing Beams catches the fever by viewing Welcome To the Jungle's predecessor, 1995's much more somber, pensive, and scaled-down film, Jumanji.

A listener selected this movie for the show, as neither Laci nor Matt was a big fan of it growing up. But this movie is much beloved by millions of people, so the show sets out to figure out why. It's a movie in which Robin Williams doesn't get to Robin Williams, and the plot revolves largely around dead and emotionally unavailable parents... we have a winner?

Also: Laci has some feelings about Toodles, the levitating, tool-dispensing clock from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the newest edition of "Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse." 


Time stamps:

Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse: 03:15

Jumanji: 10:07




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