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Load Bearing Beams

Feb 9, 2018

In an episode Laci calls "The Future Of the Empire" and Matt calls "Recording the Future," Load Bearing Beams examines Back To the Future, Part II (1989) and Empire Records (1995). One a huge hit, the other a giant flop with a long afterlife on home video, and both a large source of internet chatter and memes.

Back To the Future, Part II was one of the first mainstream American movies to explore the implications and potential paradoxes of time travel. How does its depiction of time travel and the future world of 2015 hold up in 2018?

And Empire Records is the tale of a magical kingdom where a record store in the downtown of a small city somehow sells enough CDs and cassettes to pay a huge staff of misfits and transact $9,000 in cash in a single day! Even in 1995, could this possibly have been realistic? 

Time stamps:

Back To the Future, Part II: 02:30

Empire Records: 31:02




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