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Load Bearing Beams

Dec 14, 2017

Matt is finding it very difficult to think of anything other than Star Wars two days before The Last Jedi comes out, so the gang revisits the Star Wars saga by looking at The Empire Strikes Back (1980), widely considered the best film in the series.

BUT FIRST it's Ron Howard's Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), a movie that takes the Grinchverse and expands it into directions you never knew you wanted... because you didn't want them. Yeah, this movie's actually very boring and visually unappealing and largely forgettable, but it at least leads to a long conversation about the merits of Jim Carrey.

THEN: The first episode of Load Bearing Beams started with Laci viewing the original Star Wars film (which, by the way, should only be called Star Wars), and Matt insisted that the flaws she found in the film would be corrected in the sequel. Surely she must love or at least see the masterful merits of The Empire Strikes Back, no? 

ALSO: Laci explains why crooners are the worst.

Time stamps:

The Grinch: 02:50

The Empire Strikes Back: 23:18



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