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Load Bearing Beams

May 30, 2017

In space, no one can hear Matt and Laci scream at each other about the movie Alien (1979) [2:40]. Why are these intergalactic space travelers so blasé about their magical trip through outer space? What's up with Jonesy the cat? Will protocol save us all in the end? Will anybody back on Earth miss the crew members of the Nostromo after they're eaten by the alien [spoiler alert]? 
Our hosts then move on to dig into The Breakfast Club (1985) [41:33]. And who could quarrel with this movie's Grease-esque message? This is Matt's first exposure to the Brat Pack... did he enjoy it? Is he a Judd Nelson or an Ally Sheedy, or is he maybe a John Kapelos (Carl the janitor)? And has Laci finally picked a movie that's actually good?